Syndicated Deal Analyzer Version 2.02

Watch this brief video to give you a quick tour of what’s new in version 2.02 of the Syndicated Deal Analyzer. 





  1. Great updates. I love being able to populate with different scenarios.
    I was wondering – for Cash Flow available for Distribution.
    Is there a way to ‘hold back’ some of the Cash Flow for a reserve?

    If all the Cash Flow is distributed, the bank accounts will be $0.

    In your syndicated deals, have you dispersed all funds available, or have you held back any in reserves?

    • Yes, in the P&L tab, there is a line item for reserves. This will reduce NOI and Cash available for distribution. However, there is no separate register that tracks how much reserve you have accumulated, you’d have to create that separately … thanks!

  2. On line 20 – (concessions) the percentage formula should be C20/C18 instead of C19


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