Special Offer Expired – But Don’t Worry!

I’m sorry but the special offer for the Syndicated Deal Analyzer expired. But here are two reason not to worry:

Reason # 1: You can purchase the Syndicated Deal Analyzer for the regular $129 price later.

You won’t get the special bonuses, but it’s still an awesome product. And you’ll still get the 90 minutes of training videos.

To purchase later, go to www.SyndicatedDealAnalyzer.com. No hurry, take your time.

Reason # 2: I have a ton of free content for you.

You’ll continue to receive weekly emails with useful how-to articles about apartment building investing. Also check out my “Best-Of” List of free resources at www.TheMichaelBlank.com where you can find articles, videos, and podcasts about apartment building investing.

Whether the content is free or paid for, my goal is to produce high quality content that will help you become a better real estate investing entrepreneur. As always, you can always unsubscribe.

I look forward to staying connected!



Michael Blank