<h1>"The 10-Minute Offer" eBook</h1><h2>How to Analyze &amp; Make Offers on Apartment Building Deals in 10 Minutes</h2><p><strong> Stop Wasting Your Valuable Time  |  Make More Offers  |  Do More Deals  |  Achieve Your Dreams</strong>  </p><p>You get a deal from your broker, now what? You know you need to answer the question "Is this a deal?" and "If not, then at what price would it be a deal?".</p><p>But you know that answering those questions might take you several hours. And you don't have several hours.</p><p>You also know that doing deals is a numbers game: the more deals you analyze and the more offers you make, the more likely you are to do a deal.</p><p>But you don't have the time. And so you're stuck.</p><h2>Stop spending hours analyzing your deals.</h2><h2>Just Steal my Secret to Analyze Deals in Just 10 Minutes.</h2>It's not complicated. In fact, it's simplicity will stun you. But I haven't seen anyone else teach this secret. And it will save you hours of time and get you into more deals. Here's what you'll learn in this 13-page eBook:<ul><li>Minute-by-minute break down of exactly what to do once you receive the deal marketing package from your broker.</li><li>Quickly answer the question "what is the most I should offer for this property and why?".</li><li>What to say to the broker to make the offer.</li><li>Step-by-step case study.</li></ul><strong>SPECIAL BONUS: Also Get My 5-Part Video Series “How to Analyze Deals from A to Z” to go beyond the 10-Minute Offer.</strong>

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